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Wildfire Protection

planning and preparation

Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) were created in BC in response to the devastating 2003 Wildfires in Kelowna. A CWPP serves to identify the wildfire risks within and surrounding a community, to describe the potential consequences if a wildfire was to impact the community, and to examine possible ways to reduce the wildfire risk. The CWPP provides the District of Mackenzie with a framework that will be used to review areas of high fire risk and guide the development of emergency plans, emergency response, communication and education programs, bylaw development in areas of fire risk and the management of forest lands adjacent to the community.

In 2017, with generous support from the Union of BC Municipalities and the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest, the District underwent a major community wildfire planning initiative to update our 2005 CWPP. The process involved community and industry participants and together they were able to determine major community concerns and identify possible solutions. In July 2018, the CWPP was finalized and formally adopted by Council and progress is already being made to complete the plan's recommendations.

Accomplishments To Date

  • Fuel treatments surrounding the town (2005 CWPP)
  • Cross-training between Mackenzie Volunteer Fire Department & BC Wildfire Service.
  • Development of an official Emergency Response and Recovery Plan.
  • Registration to receive status as a FireSmart Community.
  • Fire Tip Friday's now playing on CHMM 103.5
  • Applied for significant for multiple wildfire related projects.
  • Formation of the Mackenzie Wildfire Advisory Committee in August 2018.
  • Development of urban interface fuel management prescriptions in Fall 2018.
  • First Town Hall meeting held September 2018 to encourage effective information sharing and public engagement on wildfire issues and initiatives in and around our community.

Mackenzie wildfire advisory committee

The Mackenzie Wildfire Advisory Committee (MWAC) was recently formed as a partnership led by the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest and the District of Mackenzie, with a primary focus on ensuring that the recommendations outlined in the CWPP are implemented and to identify wildfire mitigation opportunities at the landscape level.

The formation of such a committee was a key recommendation of the updated CWPP and brings together key organizations and stakeholders to ensure wildfire related efforts are coordinated, focused and effective.

Committee Terms of Reference

To report a fire call

1-800-663-5555 or

*5555 on your cell


Mackenzie Wildfire Advisory Committee (MWAC)


Email MWAC

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