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Town Council

Mayor & Council

District of Mackenzie Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors, elected for four year terms. Municipal Councils are elected by the people and make decisions on behalf of the residents of our municipality.

Meet our 2022 - 2026 Council members:


Diane Smith
Chief Administrative Officer

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Emily Kaehn
Director of Corporate Services

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2021 - 2025 Council Priorities

The purpose of setting Council priorities is to provide District staff with the direction needed to develop operational plans to achieve the Council’s vision. These priorities are reviewed annually to respond to new ideas and changes in circumstances that arise through the 2021-2025 period.

Community and Social Development

Our investment in the municipality's services and infrastructure, our commitment to principles of social equity and well-being, and our belief in the value of resident engagement, creates a healthy community in which everyone feels valued and enjoys a high quality of life.

Environmental Sustainability

The way we operate has an impact on the environment. We are committed to integrating sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance factors (ESG) into our decision making and business practices.

Economic Vitality

The District is a leader on efforts aimed at diversifying the community's economy, supporting local businesses, and attracting new investment to the community. Diversification, a strong business sector and new investment are key to our economic vitality.

Strong Governance and Finances

As the municipality's elected governing body, we serve all residents and businesses in the community. We engage residents and stakeholders on important issues and make our decisions through open and transparent processes. We are careful in our use of resources, mindful of the need to maintain programs and services, while also meeting the community's infrastructure needs.

Please see District of Mackenzie Council Priorities 2021–2025 for further detail.

Council Committees:

After a local government election or annually, Mayor and Councillor liaison appointments are made to various boards and or committees. Statutory and mandatory appointments are required for various positions and other liaison appointments may be made at the discretion of Council.

2024 Council Liaison Appointments

Annual Appointments – Ending November 1st of Each Year

Strategic Priorities Liaisons – 4-Year Appointments Ending November 1, 2026

Full Term Appointments to Other Boards – Ending November 1, 2026

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