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Bears and Wildlife

Bears in Mackenzie

Nature is right out our back doors here in Mackenzie. The areas surrounding our community are the ideal habitat for a number of wildlife, including bears. Due to the close proximity of town, every year bears are destroyed when they become used to unnatural food sources like garbage or fruit grown in gardens.

Bears that have grown used to foraging for food among humans often cannot be successfully relocated into the wilderness. most will find their way back to urban areas to scavenge.

Avoid Human-Bear Conflicts

  • Remove all attractants around your property.
    • Example: emptying bird feeders, cleaning BBQ’s, picking fruit/berries off trees and shrubs, and managing compost properly.
  • Set your garbage cart at the curb between 5:30 am and 8:00 am on collection days.
    • Please remove any bear resistant features/strapping prior to placing at the curb. After the truck has picked up the garbage, the cart should be recovered as soon as possible and secured again.
  • When not at the curb, place garbage carts in a bear resistant structure such as a garage/shed in good repair.
  • Secure the garbage carts in a way that is resistant to bears.
    • Ratchet strap the garbage cart lid closed as shown in the photo here OR strap both the lid and the cart to a fence or pole on your property if not in a garage.
    • The use of a ratchet strap is supported by the District and is not considered an alteration if no punctures or welds are made.
Ratchet Strap Garbage Bin

Bear Smart Tips

  • Avoid growing fruit-bearing trees or plants on your property and remove any ripe fruit and vegetables.
  • Clean outdoor barbecues and grease traps regularly.
  • Feed pets indoors and remove bird feeders during the spring to autumn months.
  • Rinse out all recycling materials.

Stay Safe in Bear Country

  • Make noises and speak loudly when walking or biking to alert bears in the area.
  • Travel in a group whenever possible.
  • Use officially marked trails and only hike or bike during daylight hours.
  • Keep pets on leashes at all times, even in off-leash areas as bears can become aggressive if they mistake unleashed dogs as predators.

If You See a Bear...

  • Maintain a safe distance, especially if it is a mother bear and her cubs.
  • Stop, remain calm, and do not face away, scream, or run.
  • Carry bear spray and know how to use it.
  • Report an aggressive bear or injured animal to the Conservation Officer Service through the 24-hour hotline at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).

Further Information:

Everyone has a part to play in securing attractants and making their community a safe place to live. Please find more safety information at WildSafe BC and/or report any bear incidents to the RAPP 24 Hr Hotline. Thank you all for your help in keeping our community safe!


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