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Mackenzie Votes
Let's Chat Mackenzie!
Let's Chat Mackenzie!

We're listening! Share your thoughts on projects and initiatives that shape our community.

Mackenzie Votes

2022 General Local Election Candidates Unveiled

2022 General Local Election Candidates Unveiled

Ahhh... Freedom

That sweet feeling that comes with spending time in your happy place, and not in traffic or line ups.

Downtown Vision and Action Plan
Downtown Vision

The primary purpose of the Downtown Vision and Action Plan (DVAP) is to provide a vision and roadmap for future land use and urban design in Downtown Mackenzie.

Wild things at play

With so much accessible wilderness at our doorstep, we tend to spend our free time living life on the wild side.

Road Less Travelled
The road less travelled, isn't always a road.

Sometimes it's a quiet lake. Sometimes it's a rowdy bike trail. And sometimes it's an alpine ridgeline that stretches to the horizon.

Work - Industry - copy
Get to work!

From resource-based careers, to thriving service businesses, Mackenzie is the place to get ahead.

Appliance & Toilet Rebates
Appliance & Toilet Rebates

Conserve water and upgrade your home!

New Fire Hall
New Mackenzie Fire Hall

We've officially broken ground!

Ec dev
Dream Big!

Whatever your dream, start strong and find your success here in Mackenzie.

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Welcome to The District of Mackenzie!

Mackenzie is a friendly community of about 3,700 residents nestled between the Rocky and Omineca Mountains.

This website contains basic information on the District of Mackenzie. Please do check back often for updates and news postings which are posted on the News Feed below. Also check out our Facebook page.

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