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When reduce and reuse aren't enough

Mackenzie's natural beauty is one of its defining features for residents and visitors alike. The District of Mackenzie aims to ensure access to a healthy natural environment, including clean air, clean water, protected natural areas, opportunities for recreation, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

To protect this pristine setting, the District supports any efforts to improve the environmental sustainability of its operations as well as the community as a whole by encouraging waste diversion through increased recycling and composting. The District works closely with the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to provide various recycling opportunities within the community.

There are many ways to reduce your weekly garbage including recycling, reusing or repurposing items, or even composting. Waste prevention is the most effective way to reduce garbage. If each of us makes small changes to our purchasing and disposal habits, we can greatly reduce the amount of waste we create.

Please view our Recycling Brochure for a list of accepted items and more ways you can recycle here in Mackenzie.

Community Recycling Bins

  • Recycle Bins Location #1 - Next to Community Garden on Fraser Blvd.
  • Recycle Bins Location #2 - Cicada Road across from the District Office

Other Local Recycling Options

BC Recyclepedia – Smart Phone App

Developed by The Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) the free app is a quick and simple tool that helps users find over 1,000 drop-off locations and recycling options for over 70 materials or products across BC.

The App, available for both iPhone and Android, provides users a list of the nearest locations to recycle your items, based on the phone location, as well as a Google map with directions. Both App’s provide the option to call RCBC Recycling Hotline for additional questions.

To download the BC Recyclepedia App, click on the links below:




Public Works

10 Cicada Road
Mackenzie, BC


Email the District

Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

155 George St
Prince George, BC


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