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Tickets & Fines

In All Fairness

A Bylaw Enforcement Officer may issue a Municipal Ticket Information (MTI) notice to a person or company for a violation to a District Bylaw. Disputes are heard in the Provincial Court of British Columbia by a Provincial Court Judge.

The Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw and its subsequent amendments provides further detail regarding enforcement by our Bylaw Enforcement Officers and includes a list of our ticketable offences.

Payment Options

Disputing a Ticket

To dispute a MTI violation you should first speak with the Bylaw Officer to discuss your concerns. If you cannot resolve the issue, your dispute will be referred to the Provincial Court for a hearing. When attending to file a dispute, be sure to bring a copy of the MTI or the following information:

  • The ticket number from the top right hand corner of the face of the ticket,
  • Your full name and mailing address,
  • The date of offence and the bylaw name and section of the offence.

Report a Concern

When reporting bylaw infractions, Animal Control & Bylaw Services requires the following:

  • Complaints must be made in writing or by using this online form
  • You must include your name and phone number, complaints cannot be made anonymously.
  • Please include as much information as possible regarding your complaint.
  • If it relates to private property (noise, garbage, unsightly property, etc.) please provide the address.


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