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Freedom of Information

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Since 1993, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) has set the rights and responsibilities concerning information which is collected or controlled by a municipality. FOIPPA strikes a balance between the public's right to know and an individual's right to privacy in relation to information held by the District of Mackenzie. There are two general principles embodied in FOIPPA:

  1. You have the right to access records in the custody or under the control of the District of Mackenzie, including your own personal information.
  2. You have the right of protection of the privacy of your personal information in the custody or under the control of the District of Mackenzie.

What you need to know

Under the provisions of the FOIPPA Act, you have the right to:

  • request access to District of Mackenzie records;
  • access information that we have about you;
  • request corrections if your personal information is inaccurate; and
  • request the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to conduct an independent review of any issue, related to FOIPPA.

What can I request?

You have the right to request any record in the custody or control of the District. A “record” includes books, documents, maps, drawings, photographs, letters, vouchers, papers and any other thing on which information is recorded or stored by graphic, electronic, technical or other means, but does not include a computer program or any other mechanism that produces records. FOIPPA establishes a process by which an individual may request access to records held by the District.

Routine Requests

The District readily shares its records on a routine basis. Most of the information sought by the public is available and such requests are handled informally without going through the legislation. Front line staff are happy to provide records such as agendas, minutes, bylaws, policies and procedures and information related to your property upon request.

Formal Requests

Formal requests under the Act are managed by the Corporate Services Department. A formal request is a request in writing for records that are not routinely available.

How do I request?

If you know a formal request is required, an access to information form should be submitted. The request should provide sufficient detail to assist staff in locating and retrieving the records.

Request to Access Information Form

To find out if a formal request is required, please contact the Director of Corporate Services at 250-997-3221.


By Mail: Corporate Services
PO Bag 340
Mackenzie, BC | V0J 2C0
By Fax: 250-997-5186


Under the legislation the District is authorized to charge a fee for certain limited costs of providing applicants with records. If there are costs involved in processing a formal request, the applicant will be provided with an estimate before the application is fully processed.

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