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Snow Removal

Street Maintenance

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Snow Removal

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Dealing with Old Man Winter

Snow and ice control operations maintain the District airport, parking areas, streets and walkways in a reasonably safe and passable condition. Snow removal operations and priorities are outlined briefly below. Priority given to certain areas may be subject to change in the event of an emergency requiring use of District manpower or equipment. Note that operational priorities may vary to try to provide as wide a range of service as possible during ongoing operations.

Plowing triggers

When can you expect to see the plows rolling? Snowfall triggers for plowing operations (for both roads and walkways) is 5 cms on the weekdays, and 7 cms on weekends. Once there is 5 or more centimetres of snow on the ground (7 on the weekends), then roads and walkways will be plowed in order of priority (see next section).

Snow Removal Route Priorities

After all priority snow clearing is accomplished, intersections, high corners and fire hydrants will be plowed for visibility and access as required.

Priority 1

Main arterial routes, emergency services and areas critical to the operations of the District of Mackenzie.

Priority 2

Secondary arterial routes, main school routes and areas important to the ongoing operations of the community including the airport.

Priority 3

Residential areas and all other areas not shown or defined.


Public Works

10 Cicada Road
Mackenzie, BC


After-Hours Emergency:


Email the District

Snowfall Statistics

The District of Mackenzie has been measuring annual snowfall in the community since 1971. The average annual snowfall over this time has been 9.7 feet. Great for the winter adventurer!

historic snowfall


Sanding and/or salting will be carried out after streets, walkways and parking areas are cleared of excess snow. Generally sanding will be applied at stop signs, grades and corners on streets. Extra sanding will be applied on any straight stretches of road only during extreme icy conditions. All walkways will be sanded based on priority and limitations of the District’s available resources.


The District will not clean the end of private driveways unless it is determined that District equipment, during its normal operations, has filled the driveway to a level which precludes hand shoveling. This consideration is based on the District’s operational requirements and available resources.

Unfortunately, due to heavier snowfalls, snow may accumulate above our snow plough gating equipment spilling over into wider driveways. Thus, due to the mechanical limits of our equipment, the District will not be responsible for removing any windrows created on extra wide or double driveways. District staff do their best to reduce windrows, however in some instances, is unavoidable.

We Appreciate Your Patience

District of Mackenzie Public Works greatly appreciates your support and understanding during all road maintenance and snow removal activities. We are aware that during operations we may slow or interrupt traffic. For your safety and ours, please be mindful and patient when equipment is on the road and only pass when it is safe to do so. If you have any questions or concerns about road safety around District of Mackenzie equipment, please contact Public Works at 250-997-3761.

Public Concerns

The District of Mackenzie is responding to the concerns of our residents regarding the road and walkway conditions. Concerns will be addressed in the order based on the areas of high priority that were previously established by our Operations Department and as resources permit.

If you have any concerns regarding District road maintenance or snow removal, please contact Public Works directly at 250-997-3761 or by email.

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