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Distinctly Mackenzie Experiences

When in Mackenzie...

There are far too many great adventures to take in Mackenzie, so we've summarized some of our favourites - depending on the season.


Fall in Mackenzie is a beautiful time. The green hills are dotted with yellows and reds and the air is crisp and fresh as the gears shift from summer to winter. Here are some of the classic fall activities in Mackenzie:

  • If you have a chance, be sure to help with bird banding at the Mackenzie Nature Observatory during the migration.
  • Try to find a geocache, or some edible mushrooms! There’s plenty of both out here.
  • Take in the views of Mackenzie and Williston Lake in full fall colour from the top of Morfee Mountain, just a short 20 min drive from town.

Autumn is simply awesome.

Fall morfee Lake
morfee fall woman
fall aerial townsite
324729 10150445787897049 485356787 O
Morfee Mtn Girl
13528583 10154332414197049 1602862127545588333 O
Jeep Morfee Gold
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If there’s something we’re really good at, it’s winter! If you don’t like winter, well Mackenzie will change that. Here are the top local things to do in the winter:

  • Spend the day skiing through beautiful white fluff at Powder King, or go for a family evening ski after work Little Mac (in town).
  • Ice fishing on Morfee Lake.
  • Sledding in the stunning Morfee Mountain backcountry.
  • Cross country ski or snowshoe under the moonlight to Kirby’s Villa.
  • Cozy up by the fireplace with friends, food or a book.

Whatever the activity, winter fits us better than that favorite wool sweater, and we embrace it with open arms.

friends ski touring
cross country
christmas tree
snowshoe dogs
wee skier
Sledder cabin
Friends Skiing
Christmas Tree 2
Snowshoe Dogs4
Kid Ski Snow
Sled Cabin
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Springtime is when all the treasures buried in the snowbanks are re-discovered. We will let your imagination fill in the rest.

For the wildlife, this is baby season, so keep your eyes peeled for young ones, be they of the black bear, moose, or wolf variety.

Migratory birds also flock through the wetlands at the Mackenzie Nature Observatory, so this is a great time to watch the air, land, and water come alive from our boardwalks.

RS14413 IMG 6946
Morfee Dog Lake
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A little short, but oh so sweet, summertime in Mackenzie is not to be missed! A few spectacular highlights include:

  • Paddle, swim or go boating on Morfee lake, or hike or bike around its perimeter.
  • Complete the Heather-Dina lakes portage loop in a single day (seriously though, where else can you do that?).
  • Cruise the Little Mac bike trails down to Morfee Lake - within five minutes of any accommodation in town.
  • Go catch the big one (we really have huge fish up here) at Williston Lake or saunter down its long sandy beaches.

There’s never a dull moment here in the summer, so be sure to get your fill of our northern BC sunshine.

dock flip
hipster ridge
quad picnic
family biking
Summer Dock Flip
Hipster Ridge
Summer Dock Boats
Quad Picnic Ridge
Summer Campfire Lake
RS14222 IMG 9530
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And whenever you happen to find yourself in our wonderful community, be sure to get your picture taken with the World’s Largest Tree Crusher!

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