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Sewer Services

The property owner's Sanitary Sewer Service Line is the section of pipe that extends from the dwelling or business to the main line. It is the responsibility of the property owner/resident or business owner to make sure their sanitary sewer service line is free of obstructions and flows freely. It is the District’s responsibility to maintain the sanitary sewer service lines and collection system.

If it is found that any section of the collection system has structural problems, the District will repair their section of line either by replacing the pipe or several other techniques available. Structural problems may include root infiltration, line separation, reverse grade, collapsed, etc.

When repairs are required, the property owner is responsible for repair on the line from the house to the parcel line. The District is responsible for the repair from the parcel line to the main service line.

Annual hydrant flushing

We hydrant-flow test annually - in the spring and early summer. You may notice a slight discolouration of your water during this time. Simply run cold water through your taps for a minimum of five minutes, and the water should clear up.

If your water is still not running clear after running the water, please contact Public Works.

Reporting a Blocked Sewer

In case of a blocked sewer:

  1. First, contact a contractor to snake your line and determine the cause of the blockage.
  2. If unsuccessful in repair, please call Public Works at 250-997-3761 during regular hours between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm. If the leak occurs after hours, please contact our Emergency On-Call Staff at 250-997-7438.
  3. Public Works staff will check the sewer main.
  4. If there is a clean out required on the property line the Public Works staff will snake it.


Public Works

10 Cicada Road
Mackenzie, BC


After-Hours Emergency:


Email the District

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