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Business Licences

Running it right

A licence is required to operate a business in Mackenzie, and the District of Mackenzie Business Licence and Zoning Bylaws provide detailed information about business licence fees and regulations.

Benefits of having a Mackenzie Business License

There are many benefits to registering your business with the District of Mackenzie not only for yourself but for the broader community.

Applying for, and renewing your licence


Public Works
Business Licensing and Building Inspection


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Rachelle Dumoulin
Economic Development Clerk


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Financial Services
1 Mackenzie Blvd
Mackenzie, BC


Starting a Business

  1. Register your Business with the Province of BC.
  2. Select a Business Location
    Location selection may be done independently or through a qualified real estate agent.
  3. Identify Zoning and Permitted Uses
    Business locations must comply with local zoning and bylaw regulations as well as BC building and fire codes. Before confirming a lease or purchase agreement, ensure the location is suitable. District staff can assist with ensuring regulatory compliance once a location has been selected.
  4. Apply for a District of Mackenzie Business License.
  5. Utilize local business programs and resources to help make your business a success!
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