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Economic Development

Mackenzie is open for business

Mackenzie is working hard to take advantage of the opportunities around mining, mineral exploration, forestry, green energy, technology, and tourism as a means of diversifying our economy. We are open for business and willing to work with potential investors. We also have low land costs, competitive tax rates, and available power and rail access for new industrial business prospects.

Mackenzie is a great place to both live and work and maintains a
high quality of life for its residents including:

  • A strong sense of pride and community;
  • A safe and resilient community;
  • Outdoor recreation opportunities that are world-class;
  • Clean air and clean water;
  • First class municipal recreation facilities;
  • No municipal debt;
  • Outstanding snow removal services;
  • Good health outreach services.

We encourage you to consider investing in our community and look forward to working with you toe explore opportunities.

Community & Investment Profile



Mackenzie 2.0

Mackenzie 2.0 - Community Economic Development Plan is Mackenzie's community-based roadmap for creating a strong, vibrant, and diverse local economy. Building on our community's existing strengths, Mackenzie 2.0 outlines community identified actions and strategies towards building an environmentally and financially sustainable local economy centered on diversity and inclusion.


Economic Development Team


Mackenzie 2.0 - Community Economic Development Strategy

Industry & Business Development

Small & Medium Businesses

With strong support of small businesses and favourable municipal taxes, there are many small and medium businesses in Mackenzie. Below are the resources to help you start and grow your business:

New Business & Industrial Development

Mackenzie is located in an area of plentiful natural resources with a growing industrial sector. Our town has a rich history with local First Nations and is within Treaty 8, one of the few areas of BC under a settled treaty. If you are considering starting or buying a business in Mackenzie, take a look at our Investment Ready Community Profile for detailed information about the community, workforce, demographic, utilities, and other community data.

Real Estate, Industrial and Commercial Land in Mackenzie

Career Opportunities

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