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Forestry & Forest Products

Community & Industry

Mackenzie is a planned community, with its industrial site located in a separate area outside of the populated town-site. The industrial area is served by road, rail and water transportation on Williston Lake. The location also ensures industrial noise and air emissions are separate from the community residents.

Forest Timber Supply

The Mackenzie timber supply area (TSA) is British Columbia’s fourth largest, covering 6.41 million hectares in B.C.’s northeast, and is one of only two TSAs in the Omineca Region. It is administered from the Mackenzie Natural Resource District office. The Mackenzie TSA’s allowable annual cut is 4.5 million cubic metres as of November 14, 2014. The forests of Mackenzie are fairly homogeneous, with lodgepole pine, spruce, subalpine fir and several deciduous species comprising the majority of the TSA. Generally, a new allowable annual cut is set at least once every 10 years.

Forest Manufacturing Facilities in Mackenzie

There are several industrial forest manufacturing facilities operating in Mackenzie including:

For a listing of all the forestry and forest products firms in Mackenzie, see the Chamber of Commerce Business Directory.

For careers with the District of Mackenzie, you can check out our Careers & Volunteering page where we will post current job postings.

McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest

Established in 2009, our community forest agreement grants the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest Limited Partnership the right to harvest up to 30,000 cubic metres of timber per year on 24,664 hectares of public forest lands in the Mackenzie timber supply area. The partnership is jointly operated by the District of Mackenzie and the McLeod Lake Indian Band. The community forest has five separate parts, the largest of which is 8,296 hectares, just north of McLeod Lake. Learn more at


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