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Traveler & Backcountry Safety Tips

Mackenzie BC Mountain Biking

The forests are currently experiencing dry conditions, and the risk of forest fires is higher than usual. As we gear up for the much-anticipated long weekend, we must exercise extreme caution and prioritize safety when venturing into the backcountry.

If you are currently visiting BC or planning a trip, you can find on-the-ground information and support by visiting or calling a Visitor Centre in the area you are travelling.

Mackenzie Visitor Centre Caboose Phone: 250-750-4497 Email: ​​​​​​​ac.cb.rebmahceiznekcam@ofnirotisiv

Here are a few key points to remember to keep our forests safe:

  1. ALWAYS check local fire bans and restrictions before heading out. Stay updated on the latest regulations from the BC Wildfire Service Fire Bans and Restrictions - Province of British Columbia ( to ensure you are well-informed.
  2. AVOID open flames, including campfires, sky lanterns, fireworks, burn barrels or burn cages, binary exploding targets, tiki and similar kinds of torches, chimineas, air curtain burners. During campfire prohibitions, only CSA-rated or ULC-rated outdoor stoves or portable campfire apparatus that use gas, propane or briquettes may be used; however, when conditions warrant, the use of portable campfire apparatus or outdoor stoves may be further restricted or prohibited.
  3. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO and check DriveBC for information on road closures and EmergencyInfoBC | Your source for emergency response and recovery information ( for alerts.
  4. BE VIGILANT and watch for any signs of smoke or fire. Report them immediately to the appropriate authorities, by dialing *5555 on a cellphone or calling toll-free: 1-800-663-5555 or emergency services (911).
  5. BE FIRE SAFE when ATV’ing. Check your exhaust to ensure it is fitted with a spark arrestor and that it’s in good condition. Never park your machine in tall grass or underbrush as the heat from different components on the ATV could be the heat source needed to ignite the dried fuels. If you use an extinguisher to control a fire, follow up with water or bury deep with soil to eliminate any built-up heat. Let's be prepared to act swiftly and responsibly if the need arises.
  6. PACK ESSENTIALS such as a shovel, bucket, and fire extinguisher in case of emergencies.

Our community's safety is paramount, and preventing forest fires is everyone's responsibility. Let's all do our part by respecting nature and practicing responsible behavior to make a positive impact.

Let's join forces and ensure a memorable May long weekend, full of adventure while keeping our beautiful town safe from the threat of wildfires.

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