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Regional Broadband Study


Broadband connectivity has been an ongoing issue with residents and businesses in our community. Lack of access to the digital economy, health, educational, financial and social services available online puts the residents and businesses in small communities and rural areas at a disadvantage. To help better understand the challenges faced and potential solutions available, at the regular meeting held July 16, 2020, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (RDFFG) awarded Tanex Engineering the consulting services contract to perform a Regional Broadband Study. The District of Mackenzie was invited to participate in the study as well.


The Regional Broadband Strategy was completed with the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George and Tanex Engineering over the last year. Following the completion of the study, the District has submitted two applications and is now participating in the UBCM Internet Speed Study.


Additional References:

Report to Council

Regional Broadband Strategy - TANEx Engineering Corporation

Regional Broadband Strategy - Appendices

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