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Bringing Access to the Great Outdoors

Trail Rider Photo

"Tough, comfortable and environmentally friendly (leave no trace!), the TrailRider is a unique mobility device offering accessibility to wilderness areas. Two or more people power the device, enabling a person with a physical disability to take part in hikes and excursions to enjoy nature as part of an inclusive and supportive team."  - British Columbia Mobile Opportunities Society

Mayor Joan Atkinson, and Accessibility and Inclusion Committee Member Kimberly Grywinski, enjoyed the MORATA trail system with Aaron Snively (Hero Dirt Trail Ventures) thanks to the help of the TrailRider. This unique and volunteer powered mobility device offers accessibility to wilderness areas, allowing all friends and family members to enjoy the beauty that surrounds Mackenzie.

The one wheel design allows riders and volunteers to navigate narrow trail systems while being able to travel over rocks and roots safely and smoothly. With comfort and safety in mind, the TrailRider is easily adjusted to suit the riders needs.

This lightweight aluminum frame is also built with the volunteers in mind. 2 volunteers are all you need to enjoy flat and easy terrain but 4 or more are recommended for trails where elevation is gained.

"They allow adventures to far-flung destinations, having accessed terrain ranging from the floor of the Grand Canyon to Everest Base Camp, and open up local parks and trails – which can be just as inaccessible when you have a disability.""British Columbia Mobile Opportunities Society

Click to learn more about the Mackenzie Access and Inclusion Committee and the BC TrailRider 


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