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Grant funding

Every dollar counts

The cost of operating the essential services of a municipality is costly and there is usually not a lot of room in the budget for extra projects or major improvements without long-term financial planning. Grant funding is essentially “free” money for governments and organizations to use to supplement or cover the costs of community projects.

Grant funding allows the District to complete projects that either were not possible or would have been delayed until money had been saved over time, such as major infrastructure maintenance and improvements, or new parks, trails, and other amenities. Some grants are 100% funded, thus your District of Mackenzie tax dollars are not used to complete the project. Other grants may require the District to contribute a portion of the project cost, however usually this portion is significantly less than the grant funders portion.

Over the last four years, the District of Mackenzie has been approved for over $7.5 million in grant funding towards various community projects. To date, the District has only been declined for eight (8) of seventy-eight (78) grant applications, with seventeen (17) applications still pending approval. Below are a few statistics on our grant activities.

Grants by the numbers

Grants Approved
Grants Pending
Grants Declined
Total $ Approved
Total $ Pending
Total $ Declined

What do we do with the grant funding?

Below are listings of the various grants we have applied for, what we are planning to use the funding for, and whether the grant has already been approved, is pending, or was declined. For info on major grant funded projects, please visit the Major Town Projects or News & Announcements page.

For more information regarding any of the grants the District has applied for, please contact Diane Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, at 250-997-3221.

District Grant-in-Aid Programs

Community Grants

Council has adopted a Community Grants Policy to provide financial and in-kind support to community associations and other community organizations. This support is in recognition of these groups as a valuable resource in assisting the municipality to provide a strong community focus. Many of the non-profit organizations depend on the grants that are provided by the District to help subsidize costs and maintain their viability within the community.

Application Deadlines - September 15th and March 15th  

Policy 3.16 - Community Grants

Application Form

Permissive Tax Exemptions

The purpose of the District of Mackenzie’s tax exemption bylaws are to excuse certain properties from paying all or a portion of municipal property taxes. Properties owned by the municipality or other levels of government and used for public purposes are exempt from municipal property taxes under the Community Charter. In order for any other property to be considered for exemption from taxes, the property must be eligible for an exemption under Division 6 of the Community Charter.

For further information please contact the Finance Department at 250-997-3221.

Application Deadline - September 15th

Policy 3.17 - Permissive Tax Exemptions

Application Form

Renewal Form

Grant Writing Support Services

2017 was the pilot year for the District’s Grant Writing Support Service. This program was designed to help not for profit groups in Mackenzie apply for grant funding. Last year alone, we helped organizations apply for a total of $198,800 and were successful in aiding not-for-profit organizations in obtaining a total of $138,800, with $60,000 still pending approval.

For future grant writing assistance, please contact Diane at 250-997-3221 or Email Diane for further information.

See 2017 Grant Recipients resulting from the grant writing support program.

2017 Grant Recipient: Azu Heath

Business Façade Improvement Program

This annual grant program provides 50% funding up to $5,000 for business façade improvements & wayfinding signage. The District is now accepting expressions of interest from businesses for the 2018 Business Façade improvement program.

Check out the Business Façade page or contact Emily Kaehn for more information and how to apply:

Carl Ceder
Economic Development Coordinator

Email Carl

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