Utilities & Billing

Covering the basic needs

The District of Mackenzie supplies water, sewer, and garbage collection services within the municipal boundaries. The District provides water and garbage collectio nservices to residents of Mackenzie, including the Gantahaz subdivision. Commercial garbage service is provided to businesses in Mackenzie and the industrial area off Mill Road.

To recover the cost associated with the provision of these services, the District collects a fee set out in our Water, Sewer, and Garbage Rates & Regulations bylaws. Rates and regulations are reviewed annually by staff. Please review our bylaws for further information.

Utility Billing Due Dates

Residential service fees are billed and payable with the annual tax notice. Notices are prepared in late May and payment is due the first business day after July 01. Utility amounts due include a 10% discount prior to the due date. If unpaid after the due date, 10% of the utility amount is added and the amount due equals the fully bylaw rate.

Commercial customers with metered water accounts and/or commercial garbage bin service receive an invoice for services prepared bi-monthly. Invoices are prepared at the full bylaw rate for services. Payment is due 28 days from the invoice date. Payments received prior to 14 days of the due date receive a 10% discount. Payment received 14 days after the due date will bear the same interest rate determined by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for Taxes in Arrears or Delinquent.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that utility account payment deadlines are met in order to obtain discounts / avoid penalties. If you have not received your utility invoice, contact the District office to obtain a copy.

Annual Water, Sewer, Garbage Rates

For further details regarding rates and regulations please visit Bylaws, Publications, and Reports to view the Water, Sewer, and Garbage Rates & Regulations Bylaws and any amendments.


Cathy Schneider
Accounts Payable Clerk
(Billing inquiries)

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Angelina Sexton
Public Works Administrative Coordinator
(Water connections)

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How to pay your utility bill

Apply for Water Service

The District of Mackenzie is responsible for the installation and maintenance of sewer, drain, and water service connections from our mains to property line. Property owners are responsible for the cost of installing the connections across District property, although the District does the work. Property owners are entirely responsible for the connections once they cross onto their own property.

Please view the Application for Water Service for connection application and associated fees.

New Property Owners/Address Change

Utility bills are sent to the address provided to the District by BC Assessment at the time the bills are produced. BC Assessment receives their property ownership and mailing address information from the BC Land Title Office. When ownership of a property changes it may take two to three months for BC Assessment to receive notice of the ownership change. During this time the utility bills may still be going the previous owner.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the ownership and address information filed with the Land Title Office is current and correct. Any changes to the ownership of a property, including mailing address changes, should be filed with a BC Land Title Office.

If you are not receiving your utility bills, please contact the District Office at (250) 997-3221 or email ac.cb.eiznekcam.tcirtsid@ofni. It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay the utility charges by the due date in order to avoid penalties. No exemption from payment or penalties is conferred by reason of non-receipt of the utility bill.