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Council & Community Meetings

Meetings of Council

Check out the Council Meeting Schedule, or download a pdf version of the Council Meeting Dates for all 2021 scheduled Council meetings.

Council may give notice of various Special Meetings and Public Hearings. These notices will be found online and on the District Facebook page, and may be distributed in Mackenzie post office boxes and posted on billboards around the community.

Attending and presenting at Meetings of Council

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

  • Meetings take place in Council Chambers, at the District Office, 1 Mackenzie Boulevard;
  • Meetings are scheduled the second and fourth Monday of each month, unless otherwise indicated;
  • The meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes are posted on our Council Portal.
  • Committee Meetings start at 7:00 PM.
  • Regular Meetings start at 7:15 PM.
  • For meeting times, or to schedule an appearance before Council as a Delegation, contact our Corporate Services department by 12:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Members of the public have three options for addressing Council directly at a Regular Meetings of Council during the following sections of the Agenda: Public Comment and Questions, Petitions and Delegations and Inquiries.

General guidelines for meetings

To ensure a respectful and democratic process, the following guidelines are in place for all attendees:

  • Refrain from talking or creating disruptions during presentations and deliberations;
  • Presenters and members of the audience must respect all citizens, regardless of differing views or opinions;
  • Applause, or other audible demonstrations of support or opposition are not tolerated;
  • The use of cameras are restricted to recognized media who have clearance with the Corporate Officer, or to persons designated to take photographs of presenters. The Mayor and/or Administration will indicate persons designated to take photographs of presenters prior to the meeting.

Public Hearings

Public Hearings are another opportunity for the public to engage with Council. The public may provide input to Council through written correspondence, or by attending the Public Hearing in person, and speaking to Council when prompted.

All Public Hearings are listed on the front page of Council agendas, which are available for download or viewing on our Council Portal the Thursday before the meeting. Public Hearings are also advertised by public notice distributed in the Mackenzie Post Office boxes.


Emily Kaehn

Director of Corporate Services

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