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land use planning


Growth and development within the District of Mackenzie are guided by land use planning policies and bylaws. The District utilizes these documents to guide decision making processes for growth, development and land use in the community. Some examples of the guiding documents are:

When a proposed development or land use is inconsistent with the District's current planning policies or bylaws, it is legally required that the proponent make an application to have the land use change or development approved by Mayor and Council prior to it taking effect. Information regarding land use change applications and developments can be found on the Development Permits & Applications page.

Proposed land use changes and developments come in many shapes and forms and require different review processes depending on the nature of the development or land use.

Land use changes or development applications currently being considered by Mayor and Council are listed below:


Carl Ceder

Economic Development Coordinator

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Item #Application TypeApplicantSubject Property LocationApplication SummaryApplication Status
3360-20-21-1426Zoning Amendment Francis Lennard11210 Highway 39, Mackenzie, BCThe applicant has applied for a zoning amendment to allow for campground as a use at the subject property. Application Acknowledged
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