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*New* Automated Garbage System

modernizing mackenzie's waste disposal

Similar to many communities in BC, the District will be purchasing a new garbage truck with an automated side-arm that will be able to pick-up the garbage bins rather than our operators manually lifting bins into the truck. We will also be purchasing new standard size garbage bins for every residence that will complement the truck.

Why the change?

Our current garbage truck needed to be replaced and as we knew this day would come, the District has been saving for the last few years for a new piece of machinery. Council and staff felt this may be our opportunity to explore a more modern garbage pick-up system that would not only meet the current needs of residents, but also encourage the reduction of household waste, be safer for our operators, as well as be more cost-effective for the District and taxpayers.

What are the benefits?

Here are the reasons we are changing the way we collect garbage:

  • Increased safety for our operators
  • We can collect garbage faster
  • More effective use of resources
  • To encourage everyone to reduce waste and reduce the amount of garbage we put in the landfill/transfer station

Important Dates:

Garbage Carts Delivered - August 12 - 28, 2019

*New* Collection Dates Start - September 3rd

*New* Commercial Collection Dates Start - September 16th

How will the new system work?

Check out the video for an example of how our new system garbage truck will operate with the new garbage bins!

Tell me more about these new bins

The automated arm on the new garbage truck can only pick up a specific style of garbage bin (shown below). The option the District will be making available to residents is:

  • One (1) - 240 L/64 gallon bin    *shown in left of photo

The 240 L/64 gallon bin is equivalent in size to that of two (2) standard garbage bins.

Garbage billing information to become available soon!

new garbage bins
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