Animal Licences & Control

Of fur and feather

We get that pets are part of the family. We are committed to working with the community to create a safe, healthy, and caring environment for animals and people. Whether it's walking your dog on a leash, adopting a pet, purchasing a dog licence, or issuing a complaint, we offer a range of services for animals and their owners.

Dog Licensing

Licensing your dog is a key factor in responsible pet ownership. It is to your advantage to obtain and attach a license tag to your dog, as it will assist in the identification of your dog if it is lost, impounded or stolen.

  • Dog Licenses are required for any dog four months of age or older.
  • License tags must be attached to the dog’s collar or harness at all times to be valid.
  • Dog Licenses Expire December 31.
  • Licenses purchased before February 28 in each calendar year will be discounted $2.00.

Benefits of licensing your dog:

  • It is easier to find a lost dog and return to its owner if it is licensed.
  • Your dog will come home to you if lost without going to the animal shelter first.
  • Licence fees are used to care for and feed lost or stray pets, and find a home for them.

Dog License Application


Annual Licence Fees for Dogs, Bees, and Hens

All spayed and neutered animal licenses must be supported by a Veterinarian’s Certificate.


Animal Control & Bylaw Services

1 Mackenzie Blvd
Mackenzie, BC

250-997-3882 (press 0)

Email the District

Backyard Bees & Hens

The District now permits backyard hens and beekeeping in some residential areas within the townsite, as the community has displayed overwhelming support for these activities. To ensure the safety of the hens and bees, and to mitigate any potential impacts on adjacent property owners, residents who wish to keep hens or bees must adhere to the following requirements.


Bee Keeping

Steps to Applying for a Backyard Beekeeping Permit:

  1. Review the Backyard Beekeeping Guide
  2. Complete the Backyard Beekeeping Checklist
  3. Complete and submit the Backyard Beekeeping Permit Application to Animal Control & Bylaw Services
  4. Pay the $25.00 application fee
  5. Schedule a property inspection with Bylaw Services
  6. If everything is in order, a permit will be approved.

Backyard Hens

Steps to Applying for a Backyard Hens Permit:

  1. Review the Backyard Hens Guide
  2. Complete the Backyard Hens Checklist
  3. Complete and submit the Backyard Hens Permit Application to Animal Control & Bylaw Services
  4. Pay the $25.00 application fee
  5. Schedule a property inspection with Bylaw Services
  6. If everything is in order, a permit will be approved.

Pet Owner Responsibilities

Let's work together to be responsible pet owners by following these simple guidelines:

  • Provide adequate food, water, shelter, veterinary care and living conditions for your pet.
  • Clean up any droppings left by your pet on public or private property (including your own property).
  • If pets are fed outdoors, bring in any uneaten food as pet food may attract predatory animals.
  • Pets are safer if kept indoors, especially at night, as cats and small dogs can become prey to predatory animals.
  • Your pets must not create a nuisance to the neighbourhood.
  • Ensure your dog is a good neighbour - control excessive barking
  • Dogs must be on a leash and under your control at all times on municipal property, including trails, parks, and beach with exception to 2nd Beach and the Dog Park behind the Ernie Bodin Centre.
  • You must licence your dog and obtain a permit for backyard hens and bees.

Scoop the poop!

Whether on public or private property, pick up after your pet. Dog excrement is unsanitary, unsightly and can be a health hazard. For your convenience, there are dog bag dispensers at various locations throughout the community. If you find a doggie bag dispenser in need of refills, please contact us and we will have it filled. If you are keeping hens, please ensure the hen coop and pen receive regular attention to maintain a clean hen habitat and to minimize odor.

Failure to pick up after your pet may result in a fine of up to $500.

Municipal Pound & Boarding Services

The municipal pound offers boarding for both dogs and cats. Dogs have access to a safe and fenced exercise play yard. All animals boarded require proof of up to date shots and vaccines.

Boarding Fees:

Dogs - $25.00/day
Cats - $23.00/day

Seniors receive 10% off boarding fees.

Lost, Found, or Surrendered Pets

Have you lost a dog? Please contact Animal Control at 250-997-3882 (press 0).

We are on patrol every day. If we see your pet, we will happily return it to you.

Report a Concern

When reporting bylaw infractions, Animal Control & Bylaw Services requires the following:

  • Complaints must be made in writing or by using this online form
  • You must include your name and phone number, complaints cannot be made anonymously.
  • Please include as much information as possible regarding your complaint.
  • If it relates to private property (noise, garbage, unsightly property, etc.) please provide the address.