Love Mackenzie Program

Love Mackenzie Program

What’s not to love?

In partnership with Love Northern BC , Love Mackenzie is our community shop local initiative supporting independently owned, non-franchise businesses. These companies are provided with an online presence, which includes a professionally written and designed web profile, professional photography sessions, free local and regional advertising opportunities, as well as numerous networking, business and professional development opportunities.

The shift to spending local keeps creative, invested, and entrepreneurial people in your community and paves the way for growth, new jobs and a thriving economy. You are eligible for the program if your business is independently owned and not franchised and you either have, or will obtain, a District of Mackenzie Business License.

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Emily Kaehn
Economic Development Coordinator


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Facebook: @LoveMackenzieBC

Member Interviews 2018

Plaid Friday – Mayor Joan Atkinson

Tapping with Kathy – Kathy Dugan

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That – Sarah McCrimmon

Royal Oak Inn & Suites – Sylvia Hutton

Shoot Me Sideways Productions – Agnieszka Pajor

Sole Deep Reflexology – Sharon Gawryluk

Chrysalid Tech & Print – Amber Hancock

Plaid Friday – November 29, 2019

Join in the Celebration!

We invite everyone to show their support for the local business community by participating in any of the following:

  1. Simply WEAR PLAID!
  2. Stop by and say hi to Mackenzie’s local business owners and their staff throughout the day. Maybe even do a little holiday shopping at the same time!
  3. Share photos of you or your plaid wearing team using the #PlaidFriday

For celebration and event updates, we encourage residents and businesses to visit the Love Mackenzie Facebook page or listen to CHMM 103.5.

How Did Plaid Friday Start?

The idea of Plaid Friday was conceptualized in Oakland, CA – a community known for their strong shop local campaigns. It strives to bring back the days when shopping for friends and family during the holidays was a pleasurable and leisurely activity. Communities and businesses throughout the US and Canada now participate in the campaign. Spearheaded by Love Northern BC, communities across Northern BC have embraced the campaign to offer events, specials and extended hours to help build awareness and entice visitors to their local shops.

What’s With the Plaid?

The plaid pattern represents weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. It also is pretty much the uniform of Northern BC!

slideshow page 1
Bylaw - Plaid Friday
Rec Centre - Plaid Friday
Alina - Plaid Friday
Public Works - Plaid Friday
Plaid Friday - Red Apple
District Office - Plaid Friday
Kelly's Bakery - Plaid Friday
Cara & Team - Plaid Friday
Hummingbird & Friends - Plaid Friday
Conifex - Plaid Friday
FLNRO - Plaid Friday
CNC - Plaid Friday
Pharmachoice - Plaid Friday
MCAC - Plaid Friday
Scotiabank - Plaid Friday
CHMM - Plaid Friday
Home Hardware - Plaid Friday
RBC - Plaid Friday
Pharmasave - Plaid Friday
Genevieve's - Plaid Friday
Love Mackenzie
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